A Struggling Medical College President Needs Help

With the potential of going out of business, the leadership of a homeopathic medical college began working with me.  The identified problems including lack of clarity in responsibilities for staff, the tendency for the school president to do things himself rather than delegate, and uncomfortable personality clashes that were interfering with finding a clear path forward.

I designed a leadership development program to  provide staff and leadership new skills for working together.  Through direct one on one coaching, each member of our team was able to identify aspects of their own style that were  contributing to the problems.  Through group work, the team developed a system of using regular stand up meetings, that supported far greater collaboration. The communication with the president improved and he now is much more able to work with his team.

The overall attitude of the staff has improved with increased collaboration, better use of peoples resources, clearer understanding of weaknesses and more focused staff meetings.  While the organization is still seeking a stronger business model, improvement in workplace culture and communication has made a big impact in a difficult time for the organization.

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