Coaching Corner: Low Energy Resourcefulness and The latest Technology

For many of us, achieving true relaxation is far too uncommon. We mostly live day in and day out in some sort of high energy state.tired The trouble with this getup and go life is that our bodies and our minds simply can’t keep up the pace. Eventually, we break down a bit or get sick, finding ourselves weak, exhausted and irritable. As an Integral Health Coach, I’ve previously discussed the differences between high energy and low energy states as well as resourceful (healthy) and unresourceful (unhealthy) states. Too much, high energy resourceful attention leads to an unresourceful state, either high or low. Simply put, if we don’t take the time to mellow and relax, our bodies will do it for us.

I often hear integrative physicians and integrative health coaches suggest mindfulness and meditation as key to helping slow down our nervous system, supporting more restful sleep, and providing vital space in our minds and our bodies for relaxing and recharging our system. But many people just can’t or won’t meditate for various reasons. This is why Brainwave Entrainment and Biofield Technology just might be the easy to use technology that will help balance your high energy and low energy. Let’s look more closely.

virtual realityBrainwave Entrainment is a technology that stimulates the brain in response to certain frequencies of sounds that directly influence neurological activity. When your brain is immersed in restorative and rejuvenating stimuli, through the use of a brainwave entrainment program, new neural pathways and synaptic connections are created that facilitate optimal brainwave frequencies. Simply put, your brain and nervous system begin to work at a higher level of neural functioning. The science of brainwave entrainment is complex and well proven. Find Out More.

For our purposes here, we can say that listening to a brainwave entrainment program on our smartphone can relax and release built up tension of the day. It will naturally and easily support your brain and nervous system becoming healthier and more relaxed. Some of the benefits of brainwave entrainment include, spontaneous release of emotional trauma, feeling more peaceful, becoming more relaxed, increased ability to handle stress, increased access to your intuition, feeling more grounded during the day, improved concentration, and enhanced mental acuity. All of this can and will occur by simply sitting or lying down while listening to a brainwave entrainment recording. Sounds easy? It is.

Biofield Technology is based on the idea that resonance occurs when two energy fields exchange energy and information. HeartWave-GDVPlaying one of these recordings, our subtle energy field becomes more balanced, centered and graceful.  The sounds are naturally balanced and centered, with frequencies encoded into a sound file that is easy to listen to. But the essential ingredient is the subtle frequencies that are sympathetically treating our natural energy field with messages of peaceful quietude and harmony.

Enough with the new age science jargon? I’ll make it simple. Most of us need more down time, more time in  a low energy resourceful state. Examples are reading a book, watching a sunset, or sitting on a cushion, to name just a few. If these states are less frequent than your busy life makes available, click on the links try a free sound file from iAwake Technologies or Holosync, my two favorite companies working in this field. What you’ll get is a nice sound file that you can play on your phone. More importantly, you’ll be listening to a sophisticated technology that is designed to help you become calmer and healthier.

141120081957-largeThe nice part is that you can listen in the car, or on a plane, or while walking the dog. Ideally you’ll listen in bed or a chair, but whatever way you do it, you’ll be relaxing your nervous system and from my experience as well as many of my clients, you’ll find that you have more energy, more clarity, and overall increase health in your life. I hope you try it today!

iAwake Technologies

Holosync- Centerpont Research Institute

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