Healer Overcomes Her Limits in Launching A New Career

My client has been an author, medical consultant  and mother of seven.   As the last of her children prepare to leave the home, she is launching her new  career as a television personality with an expertise in natural medicine.  What brought her to coaching with me  included an awareness of limiting thoughts, a tendency not to let others do things, over extending herself due to lack of trust, and an excessive nervous energy that focusing on doing everything rather than prioritizing tasks and delegating.

Our focus was on self-awareness and energy management.  Through mindfulness exercises, she began to feel calmer and secure.  Through caring for her own needs more skillfully, she began to let others tend to the family.  We next took a big picture look as a means for prioritizing her career, and now she is more able to a laugh at herself when the old tendency to do things for everyone comes up.

In professional terms, she is more confident and present as she continues to appear more and more frequently on television.  She will be releasing a  new app for nursing mothers this next month. At which point she’s confident that her career will take off.

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