Healing Long-Term Trauma with Poison Ivy

Healing Long-Term Trauma

with Poison Ivy

A Free Class with Dr. Joel Kreisberg, DC, CCH

Homeopathic remedies ‘grew up’ so to speak, with a pathogenic perspective–provings, poisonings, and ‘cured’ cases. The focus is on symptoms and cure.  Recently we have come to understand that a pathogenic perspective is different from a salutogenic or health-oriented approach. Our understanding of homeopathic remedies shift when we consider them as teachers, growing ourselves (our capacity to heal). Exploring the potential for growth is the next developmental stage for homeopaths.  Through this, we deepen our capacity to feel both the nature of suffering and the potential for healing.

Join Dr. Kreisberg as he guides participants through a journey to more deeply relate to trauma and the homeopathic remedy Rhus Toxicodendron.  By turning our attention to our internal experience and incorporating a direct experience with the remedy, our understanding becomes more transformative.

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As an ongoing study, using the guided meditation as a vehicle for growth greatly enhances our learning potential.  In the Journey of Inspiring Homeopathy class, we  encouraged listen to the lecture several times and completimg the meditation as often as possible for two weeks.  Working with a partner or triad to share experiences regularly strengthens the learning environment significantly.

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Download the meditation and listen to it several times over the two weeks.  The recording can easily be loaded onto a smartphone.

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The Journey of Inspiring Homeopathy offers the opportunity for both individual and interpersonal healing. As a new technology for working with healing, the nine remedies form the basis for personal growth in a supportive group setting, facilitating direct experience of the subtle but powerful nature of the Inspiring Homeopathy system.  A deep understanding of the Eight Principles of Healing that form the core of Dr. Smit’s teachings offers a compassionate gateway for expanding personal and collective healing.

Dr. Kreisberg will be offering the class again beginning in January 2017
I want to thank you and let you know how your Inspiring Homeopathy course touched me at just the right time in my life.  It was a deep dive into all the stumbling blocks in my life – some of which I didn’t know were there, and an invitation to re-write the script. Meditating and reflecting on the experience together brought us together and amplified the healing.