Is There A Positive Value For Cancer?

Is there a positive value for cancer? I ask that question often to students and to clients. It’s not easy for many to find an answer; suffering seems to make it near impossible to see any silver lining. This short piece takes a look at one such blessing that cancer has given us. Carcinosinum, a homeopathic remedy made from a sampling of 15 different types of cancer, is a powerful tool in my arsenal of treatments. Carcinosinum is one of Tinus Smits’ seven universal healing archetypal remedies in his Inspiring Homeopathy system. This remedy restores hope and a lot more!

Homeopaths learn a great deal by direct inquiry into the nature of substances as well as paying close attention to the action of our medicines in people. Since Carcinosinum has been a remedy in the homeopathic canon for over a hundred years, we’ve seen it do a lot of good for many. A person needing this remedy seems to have weak defenses. They have a difficult time refusing anything and tend to please others. These weak defenses express as a lack of reactivity and a lack of confidence.

This may not be so easy to spot from the outside however. Often there is a compensation for these weaknesses. In the case of Carcinosinum, the compensations include a workaholic tendency, a strong sense of duty, a feeling of responsibility for everything or for making a mistake. In general this is a fastidiousness person. These are all cover-ups for that weakness inside. Rather than being seen as weak, this person tends to others needs over their own and tries to make sure everything is perfect. Showing weakness is not OK.

ForestCreekMy own experience with persons needing this remedy is that they feel things deeply having great sensitivity. They keep busy, when not tending to others they’ll read or dance. That sensitivity leads them often to traveling, connecting to new places near the sea or out in nature. They have a deep love of animals.

In terms of illness, persons needing this remedy can suffer from hay fever, chronic tonsillitis or sinus infections, ovarian cysts, warts and severe acne. Often there is a history of mononucleosis as well as a family history of cancer.

What does it mean to restore hope? Mentally, the person better understands that his life is meaningful. He came from earth for a purpose and what he is doing is good for him, for others and the world.

Emotionally, she is better able to express her joy and feeling of love towards herself, HappyCoupleothers, nature and the earth. She can better express both positive and negative emotions.

On a physical level, it means shifting to a more reactive immune system, from the tumorous phase to an infectious stage. The immune system is more able to cleanse the body of toxins and invading microbes. Acute infections that resolve reflect a healthy immunity supported by the ability for the body to fight infections. These mechanisms include fever that enhances body metabolism, increased white blood cells, increased circulation, and vascular dilation. Reduced appetite allows the digestive system to eliminate toxins. Increased discharges such as perspiration, diarrhea and nasal discharges help rid the body of invading issues.

One doesn’t need to get cancer to need this remedy. And if one needs this remedy this does not mean that cancer is inevitable. What we do know is that carcinosinum is a powerful constitutional remedy that can restore hope in persons who seem to be lacking the ability to heal in a myriad of circumstances. Not easy to believe, but in this case, cancer provides the gift of carcinosimum.

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