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JOel 4 CI learned much of what I know the hard way, I took a lot of antibiotics as a kid.  I had ear infections and had to take big orange pills to get rid of them. For the rashes on my lips, I learned to carry around Neosporin. Later in middle school, I had painful abscesses, more antibiotics. By the time I got to college, I started experiencing back pain.  After college my back pain turned to stomach pain.  Each time I went to the family doctor, I got a prescription. Mostly I got better. By the time I was in graduate school, I noticed that taking pills made my infections go away but when stopped, soon the problems returned.

I knew from past experience that conventional doctors offered antibiotics and pain killers, and after masking my symptoms for a short time, they would come back worse. I decided to take responsibility for my own health. I began using herbs.  A breakthrough occurred when a friend suggested a chiropractor. She started by adjusting my back, bringing his body into structural integrity. Then she led me through a process to help with my stomach pain. I learned that I was allergic to wheat and dairy.  I also learned that my problems weren’t permanent. What a relief!!

The chiropractor treated my ear infections with homeopathy.  She suggested a specific remedy which I purchased in the local health food store without a prescription.  By the next day, my ears were clear. I went to a homeopathic physician, who asked me about my childhood and my relationship with my parents. I talked about how I stuttered as a kid, about how my father was emotionally unavailable which made me angry and lonely, and how my mother dominated the family.

The homeopath gave me only one remedy for all of my problems. Within a week, I had horrible eruption on my lips, the worst case in years. The homeopath called this a healing crisis and told me to wait.  With a little bit of patience, my energy got better and my symptoms cleared.  While it was difficult to go through this process, I realized that this was what my body needed to experience to actually heal rather than simply mitigate my symptoms for another short-term period of time

While becoming a Chiropractor, I signed up for the a three year program in homeopathic medicine Homeopathy required developing intuition, learning to sit and observe people and situations.  I learned to listen and wait, rather than look for quick fixes. i learned that illness and healing are natural in our lives.  I learned to be humble around the pain of illness and the success of healing.  I grew comfortable with any form of illness and suffering. I returned to New York and opened up a homeopathic practice attracting the most difficult cases.  Even if a patient had weeks or months left to live with cancer or HIV, I was able to use homeopathy to offer relief from pain and suffering.  At times, homeopathy provides miracles. Listening and waiting offer a healing modality that is overlooked in conventional medicine.

My commitment is help you recognize the potential for healing in our everyday aches and pains.  By listening to your body, your feelings, and the power of nature, healing can be mastered naturally and powerfully.  Simple solutions that address underlying issues offer transformational power for deep healing.  My passion for natural healing and healthy living supports this simplicity and allows for the flourishing of body, mind and soul. Having treated several thousand patients, I know that you can find a healthier, more resilient way of living by listening to the wisdom of the body and by accepting nature’s powerful cures.

Dr. Kreisberg is a:

  • Doctor of Chiropractic
  • Certified Classical Homeopath
  • Integral Master Coach

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