Lac Maternum: Healing with Mothers Milk

“A mother’s nurturing love arouses in children, from their earliest days on earth, an awakening of the memories of love and goodness they experience in their premortal existence, Because our mothers love us, we learn, or more accurately remember, that God also loves us” – ― M. Russell Ballard

InspiringHomeopathyNewHealing with Mother’s Milk: The Base of Inspiring Homeopathy

Did you know that Mother’s Milk is an important homeopathic remedy?  It helps individuals to overcome indifference, childish behavior, and lack of awareness as to one’s one identity.  As with many homeopathic remedies, the specifics are key to understanding the remedy. In Smits’s Inspiring Homeopathy, Mother’s Milk is a Universal Archetype, a challenge that many if not all of us may experience at some point in our lives. See if you relate to any of these challenges.

Prepared from the milk of nine women, Lac Maternum or Mother’s Milk, is an essential remedy for those who need it.  Mother’s Milk serves to complete the birthing process that may have been cut off for many reasons.  What this means is that folks in need of Mother’s milk are often not fully in this world.  One can see this in the symptoms.  It’s as if they were born, but didn’t fully integrate the experience. Symptoms such as a sensation of floating, or out-of-body sensations suggest that one is not fully grounded in the physical body.  Awkward, ineffective at tasks, it’s easy for those needing Mother’s Milk to procrastinate and question the meaning of life. Often the inner state is chaotic. They may feel unprotected, even porous, with little energy for self-care and caring for others.

Let’s back up and consider Mother’s Milk more traditionally.  A highly nutritious food packed with antibiotics, it has many uses.  It can be used for eye infections, burns, insect bites, sore nipples, and rashes.  The act of breast feeding provides an essential bond between mother and child.  Breast feeding is essential to the development of the immune system of the child.  In many ways, the immune system is vital to learning to recognize what is self and what is other.  This clarity, coming fully into being, is key to the state that Mother’s Milk as a remedy helps to integrate.

People at any age can still need Mother’s Milk as a homeopathic remedy.  They often like to read as a way of escaping or living in an imaginary world.  They seem to be unaware of their own boundaries. This translates into either worrying about others’ problems or a dependency that may, at times, lead to abuse.  They don’t feel at home, and are easily invaded by others.

Overall, the lack of clarity into what is self and what is other leads to exhaustion, sadness and a general lack of joy in life.  These may lead to anxiety when facing life alone, leading to symbiotic relationships with others.  Or, these folks can be unfeeling and indifferent, not caring for themselves and others.  In physical terms those needing Mother’s Milk often desire sweets, suffer from headaches or vertigo, have hair falling out and don’t sleep well.

Homeopathy Remedy and FlowerIn summary, it seems that some people don’t fully incarnate in their bodies and their place in the world.  This lack of identifying with the body and this place and time, as with the development of a healthy immune system, inhibits being fully able to develop a strong sense of self. A clear way of being evades these peopleInspiring Homeopathy offers the opportunity for these individuals to complete the birth and initial period of development with the remedy Lac Maternum, beginning with 30C and working through 200C, 1M and 10M.

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