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How I Practice

The dream I serve is a deep down passion for releasing pain and suffering.  I work with individuals to help care for themselves and reach into the chasm of pain and suffering to return with a renewed sense of vitality. Healing is deeply personal and yet universal in its power to release suffering and pain.  I am called to lead myself and others through pure natural healing.

My approach offers my patients the opportunity to increase personal responsibility for their healing process and overall healing outcome.  The key distinction is that I use consciousness, energy medicines and health coaching to create a comprehensive medical approach that supports growth while reducing symptoms and releasing limitations of physical and emotional distress.

I strive for resilient health, of recognizing that what we go through when we take responsibility for addressing our suffering through honest, reflective action and passionate curiosity offers each us experiences that connects us to our humanity, to each other, and to the living world.

Integrative Homeopathic Medicine:  My Primary Tools

Homeopathic medicine has the potential to provide relief in most chronic  illnesses. A 200 year-old system of healing that powerfully stimulates body, mind and spirit, homeopathic remedies are non-toxic, offering an important proven treatment for chronic illness and for prevention.



Nutritional Therapy is an essential tool for removing toxins and  while improving energy and vitality.  By targeting specific organs and body systems and using extremely high quality supplements, nutritional medicine detoxifies the body and promotes healing, longevity, and good health.


Integral Health Coaching offers a custom designed coaching process for healing and personal growth. Creating clear positive goals, and working towards these goals with a supportive caring coach physician, strengthens healing behaviors. By moving beyond conventional medical approaches, health coaching provides lasting impact.


My clients receive the benefit of my significant knowledge of human transformation, physically, through somatic and nutritional therapies ; emotionally, through my understanding universal experiences of suffering and subtle energy dynamics; mentally, through struggling to to live more fully within this world; and spiritually, by coming in contact with my deeply committed spiritual connection.