Searching for Love, Saccharum Officinale and My Desire for Sweets: The Seven Universal Archetypes of Inspiring Homeopathy

What does it take to deserve my mother’s love? Just how deep is my fear of being abandoned? If so, how can I love myself? Or love another?  How does this affect my behavior? What does this have to do with sugar?

In the decade of the 1990’s a Dutch homeopath Tinus Smits, MD, created a system of healing using seven universal archetypes he called Inspiring Homeopathy. The remedy Saccharum officinale, made from pure cane sugar, the same source as common white sugar, and brown sugar, corresponds to one archetype– lack of self-love.  I personally felt this remedy applied to me so I began to take it recently, a 30C potency, once a week. Part of what I am learning is the deeper meaning of my habit of needing to eat sweets often.  I’ve since lost 32 lbs in 8 weeks (I don’t’ eat sweets much and even less complex carbs) and I feel for the first time in my adult life that my energy, my mood and my demeanor are not rising and falling every few hours as my blood sugar rises with the morning honey in my tea, and ending the day with my late evening snack of cereal or granola.  Now I have a protein breakfast and I don’t add sugar to anything.  I like sensing me, feeling whatever comes up naturally.  I still like food, small amounts, but I prefer vegetables, fruits and protein at every meal.

Let’s consider a bit more of Saccharum officinale. As part of becoming fully human,shutterstock_13318426 many hopefully experience unconditional love from our parents. Yet, at times we experience disconnection or loss of love. What happens when this becomes our basic basic story—a  delusion that we are not connected with the source of Love? Often, different mechanisms of compensation develop for these feelings of frustration from lack of love and affection.  A common compensation is an insatiable appetite or rather a need to put most anything in our mouth, like tobacco, gum or fingernails. The most common seems to be the desire for sweets.  If you know anyone who has a frequent desire for sweets, Saccarhum officinale should be considered.  I never really put it together for myself, but it’s easy to see now the self-soothing that my comfort foods provide me–a scone, an ice cream, licorice.  These are some of the foods I regularly reach out for when I feel lonely or separate from others.

The other significant compensation is the need for attention. As a child this is a need to be cuddled, but it can also turn into loquacity or other types of demand for attention including pranks, doing forbidden things, or jealous behavior.  In adults, this may be an exaggerated need to possess things, acquire new stuff, or just an overall feelings of dissatisfaction, thus the seeking new experiences. Clearly, an incapacity to have a lasting relationship with another reflects a deep seated disconnection.  Somehow, early life frustrations cannot be satisfied.  For me, even with a healthy relationship with my wife, there are many times I can feel distant from friends, isolated or jealous of others success.  Shouldn’t I be the one others are calling?

The archetypal situation of the Saccharum person is a desperate search for love, affection and attention.  This comes from a lack of self-love with a fear of being abandoned by the mother because of a fear of not deserving her love.  She may or may not have caused this. It’s the feeling or story that the Saccharum person carries around. I do. You may not really be able to articulate it. I couldn’t, but the physical desires for sweets is a strongly pointing compass to this universal archetype.

What of Saccharum shutterstock_97637021and me?  I resist sweets now, focusing on protein and veggies.  I offer myself an affirmation, “I love and forgive my mother for whatever she said, did, thought or felt when I was three years old that interfered with my ability to be loved.”  I’m not able to describe here how I worked out this affirmation, but I can tell that when I repeat this to myself three times daily in the mirror, my eyes shine more brightly, my energy opens up and I feel grateful of everything and everyone who brings love into my life.  In the morning I feel recharged and energetic, without reaching for carbs or sweets.  Weight seems to be falling off effortlessly, and I feel more close to friends and family. I give more.

It’s still early. I’ve been on a weekly dose of Saccharum officinale 30C for four weeks. This journey with Saccharum will continue. Dr. Smits system suggests moving up potency from 30C, to 200C, to 1M to 10M over time to clear the archetypal layer.  I’m loving more, myself and others, without the need for interfering substances.  How long with this last or will it take? I’ll let you know. It may take a while, but the pearl seems beyond the price!

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