Inspiring Homeopathy,
Sugar and the Search for Love

  • What does sugar have to do with love?
  • How do we experience nourishment in our relationships?
  • How does this impact how we crave sweets?

Explore the subtle energetic dynamics of sugar through the use of the Inspiring Homeopathic Journey.

Often known as minute doses or placebo effects, homeopathy offers a unique opportunity to explore the archetypal dynamics of substance. Exploring the use and consumption of sugar and our habits of oral satisfaction, has everything to do with how we feel about and deserve love. Did you have enough affection from your mom? Are you able to nourish yourself? Are you searching for affection and attention?

In this three-week interactive online seminar, we explore sugar as an agent for giving and receiving love. Through the use of Saccharum officionalis, the homeopathic version of sugar, rather than simply present data or theory, we take a unique first-hand journey inside sugar as a replacement for the love we seek from mom. Under the guidance of Dr. Joel Kreisberg, we together participate in a guided meditation and compassionate sharing about our deepest desires to accept ourselves and be worthy of the love we seek to receive.



Heart MindFormat: 

  • Live interactive sessions and online discussion: July 18 and August 1st   4 pm- 5:30 pm PST
  • Online Lecture presentation: July 25th
  • Supportive exclusive online forums

Course includes:

  • Two 90-minute real-time online classes (using Zoom)
  • One recorded lecture
  • Participation in the Teleosis Institute online classroom forum
  • The homeopathic remedy Saccharum officionalis
    (Participants will be sent the homeopathic remedy before the first class)

About The Inspiring Homeopathy System

The Inspiring Homeopathy system focuses on universal experiences rather than individual illnesses.  As a holistic approach, it not only relieves symptoms, it enhances patients’ and physician’s ability to optimize the potential for health and wellness.  Simply put, one learns that “illness” has the potential for strengthening the organism, allowing profound growth and potential.  Identifying one of the seven universal layers and taking the homeopathic preparation transforms both the patient’s and physician’s humanity.

About Dr. Kreisberg

Dr. Kreisberg has been leading interactive journeys for close to 30 years.  He is the founder of the Teleosis School of Homeopathy and the Founder and Executive Director of the Teleosis Institute, a school of Coaching and Narrative Healing.  Twice a year, he leads groups through the entire Journey of Inspiring Homeopathy: Inner development for the 21st Century Homeopath  Find out more @


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