Sustainability Consulting

For  20 years, Dr. Kreisberg has been leading innovative change in the domain of healthcare.  From the recent successful Alameda County Safe Medication Disposal Ordinance in 2012, his Leadership in Green Healthcare Program in 2007, to his seminal work with The Teleosis School of Homeopathy, Dr. Kreisberg goes beyond one on one work with patients, effecting positive change in the healthcare system.  His commitment extends to organizational sustainability, community empowerment, policy development for ecological healing.


Safe Medication Disposal–Alameda Safe Medication Workgroup

Safe Medication DisposalRecognizing the need for safe medication disposal systems throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and the United States.  Dr. Joel Kreisberg was instrumental in authoring the Alameda County Safe Medication Disposal Ordinance — the 1st ordinance in the United States to required pharmaceutical manufacturers to set up a permanent take back program for citizens of this county.

Medicine Waste Characterization Study  San Francisco Department of the Environment

The San Francisco Department of the Environment hired Dr. Kreisberg to complete a comprehensive assessment of logo-top_1the types of medicines commonly disposed of in their model medication take-back program.

Integral Health and Medicine Center

Dr. Kreisberg founded thIHMC_website-bannere Integral Health and Medicine Center to provide the necessary ingredient to bring divergent perspectives together in the name of healing- deep, powerful and meaningful healing. With a commitment to personal growth, through individual endeavors as providers and healers, and ongoing compassion for the suffering, the center is promoting the evolutionary process of healing, including the healing of healthcare itself.

AMCHAmerican Medical College of Homeopathy

Leadership development program for board and staff provided support and vision for this medical college.

Managing Medicine Waste in Hospice Care —Bay Area Pollution Prevention Group

The Bay Area Pollution Prevention Group identified pharmaceutical waste as a priority contaminate for the San Francisco Bay Area as early as 2003.  Dr. Kreisberg developed and implemented a continuing education program for hospice nurses throughout the nine Bay Area Counties.


GreenPharmEDU was an education program launched to educate physicians, nurses and pharmacists as to the need for and the knowledge of how to safely dispose medicines, reducing risks to youth and teens in the US.

Leadership In Green HealthCare- Teleosis InstituteTeleosis logo

Between 2006 and 2010, sponsored by Teleosis Institute, Dr. Kreisberg developed and taught the Leadership in Green Healthcare Program of over 200 health professionals.


Community Clinics Initiative-Center for Care Innovation

Supporting sustainability initiatives in primary care settings, Dr. Kreisberg worked directly with community clinics to green clinics and reducing waste.

  • Coastal Health Alliance
  • Tiburcio Vasquez Clinic
  • LifeLong Medical Clinic
  • Northeast Medical Clinic

im_headerGreen Medicine Column-Integrative Medicine Clinician’s Journal

Dr. Kreisberg authored a column on environmental/Green Medicine for health professionals.

HEART_IM_logoHumanistic Elective in Activism, Reflective Transformation, and Integrative Medicine (HEART-IM)

A retreat based innovative curriculum for fourth year medical students, Dr. Kreisberg has  taught sustainability and end-of-life care for almost 10 years.


Accreditation Commission for Homeopathic Education in North America (ACHENA)

Develop the guidelines for the review process for homeopathic colleges

Founder and Director-Teleosis School of Homeopathyimage001



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