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Cancer, Copper, Confidence and Clarity: Restoring Hope With Inspiring Homeopathy

She became aware that it was not all her fault and she said: “ I don’t want to have all this on my plate anymore. I am taking this bag from my shoulders. I feel that I am important also. I know all this. But it has now become conscious”                 -Tinus Smits, Case 3 […]

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Me and My Microbiome

As modern technological innovations are the direct outcome of scientific research, scientists can no longer afford to stand aloof from social problems….The scientist has convinced society that his efforts deserve to be generously supported because he has become one of its most effective servants. As a penalty for his dependence on public support and for […]

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Coaching Corner: Integrative Medicine or Integral Health Coaching?

Integrative medicine or Integral health coaching–is there a difference? Indeed, there is. For many people, medicine is essential for healing.  Chronic and acute conditions require the breath of an conventional and integrative medical approaches.  In my practice, this includes nutritional medicine, homeopathy, chiropractic and craniosacral therapy.  These practices all seek to restore the body’s pathological limitations. […]

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