Setting Clear Boundaries with Vernix caseosa

baby-20339_640Today, I’m interested in talking about boundaries and how to create boundaries. What’s it like when you don’t have the right boundaries and how in the Inspiring Homeopathy system, when there’s challenges around with boundaries, the remedy is Vernix caseosa. You may know vernix as the actual thin layer on a baby’s skin. So if we think of it just in terms of the signature, it’s what separates the baby from the mom, or it creates a boundary. And so in The Journey of Inspiring Homeopathy, the process of finding clear boundaries, of having a real sense of how do I protect myself and yet be vulnerable in a healthy way is a key stage along the way of growing into becoming a full, healthy human being.

With the first stage in inspiring homeopathy system, the remedy mother’s milk or Lac maternum, there’s very much a sense of needing mother and milk to actually fully arrive to get here, to birth, and to have that nourishment to fully incarnate as a human being. But urban-1002149_640once I’m here, if I’m porous to what’s around me, if I don’t have a clear sense of self, I don’t have willpower, I have no real separation from me and those around me, which in a way right at birth is, you know, you haven’t developed that clear boundary, what is like to grow up that way? What is it like to have that be at any stage in your life? You can have that experiment. So that could be overly involved in other people’s lives or not being able to keep people out of your life. Or it could be really not feeling protected, or it could be really just a lack of awareness around my boundaries. So if I think about it somatically, very often when I have a large body type or I’m overweight or heavyset, I don’t really have a sense of where I end and where others begin. And that can get me in trouble; I can hurt people. Or I may overly be sensitive to the feelings of others. So there’s sort of a yin version of it and a yang version of it when I don’t have any boundaries.

release-838624_640So in a lot of ways, this remedy, vernix caseosa, is a remedy that I use when I want to support somebody having really clear boundaries. When I listen to their story, it just seems like that need a healthier gate on which to know when something positive is coming into my garden or when there’s something that I want to let out or release that isn’t working well. I don’t have that sorting mechanism. I don’t have the security of knowing that my boundaries are well fortified without being overly fortified. So I think of it as having boundaries but having a healthy amount of porous quality to my boundaries. Vernix helps make this happen.

It makes sense that if these boundaries are weak, ¬†a person is weak because I have a hard time generating my energy. I’ve tried lots of different types of healing activities and I’m not getting the success. I don’t know how to stay clear in my program. I don’t have a kind of a strong sense of what I’m going to do and make my practices go. There’s a certain kind of lack of protection.

And so in The Journey of Inspiring Homeopathy, that lack of protection is the remedy Vernix caseosa. It’s a powerful remedy. It’s actually one of the remedies that you can actually use as a spray. You can literally wipe it on you to actually give you a stronger boundary. So feel free to tune into any of my other blogs on The Journey of Inspiring Homeopathy or join me on the journey ¬†through all seven of these remedies. Thanks.

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