Cancer, Copper, Confidence and Clarity: Restoring Hope With Inspiring Homeopathy

She became aware that it was not all her fault and she said: “ I don’t want to have all this on my plate anymore. I am taking this bag from my shoulders. I feel that I am important also. I know all this. But it has now become conscious”

                -Tinus Smits, Case 3 Inspiring Homeopathy.

The third universal archetype of Inspiring Homeopathy is a uniquely blended remedy invented by physician Tinus Smits, the developer of Inspiring Homeopathy. Prepared by mixing the remedy Carcinsosinum- a remedy of 15 different cancer types and the remedy Cuprum-metallic copper, CarAtlas_sculpture_on_collins_street_melbournecinosinum Cum Cuprum or CCC is associated with the solar plexus/ third chakra. Noted author Caroline Myss, associates the third chakra with the development of self-esteem and personality. The third chakra’ sacred truth is in honoring oneself, accepting responsibility for who you become. The issues for Dr. Myss has to do with self-esteem, self-confident, and self-respect. CCC characterizes this archetypal experience of having a lack of self-confidence or a lack of basic trust.  Teacher Kim Kalina, CCH, RS Hom(NA) of Universal Healing LLC, suggests that this remedy restores hope.

Based in a lack of self-confidence and fear of failure, the archetype of CCC often has a strong sense of responsibility, being quite aware of his duty. She may be a workaholic preoccupied with having something to do. She may also appear as a sensitivity to criticism due to an inner uncertainty. She does not like contradiction and can be easily offended, which translates into a type of inner anxiety when not in control of situations. There are many ways to control situations; CCC can be fastidious, rigid, strong-willed and ambitious. Becoming successful, doesn’t seem to fill the inner lack of confidence, tconfidenceherefor the continued preoccupation with more success. He is respectful of the rules yet sensitive to injustice. As a hard working type, he has many on-going activities seemingly never feeling fatigued. He feels better with strong physical exertion and so he’s a regular at the gym or pushes himself with extreme types of competition.

Another person needing CCC is one preoccupied with the needs of others. She seems to have the inability to say no to the needs of others and always wants to please. Internally, refusing something brings about a feeling of guilt. Dr. Myss notes that part of finding a strong identity is creating a boundary with the tribe, finding inner strength, to create one’s own identity. CCC’s heightened sensitivity is manifest in anxiety that can be about those close to her. She cannot tolerate strong violent images or events, and she is often close to animals.

Currently in my Inspiring Homeopathy Study Group, we are working with CCC. As we sit with this remedy, a participant reported heaviness in the upper body, with a sense of carrying too much on her shoulders. Another member shared the sensation of numbness and tingling on the left side. Messages such as “be yourself”, “you don’t have to work so hard to be perfect” and a “feeling of everything falling into place” by group participants confirmed this idea that CCC restores hope.

Dr. Smits Inspiring Homeopathy system is built upon seven universal archetypes that all humans face at one point in their life or another. Rather than an individualized remedy, the homeopath identifies one of the seven archetypes a client currently faces. These seven archetypes are: lack of incarnation, lack of protection, lack of confidence, lack of self-love, identifying as the victim, facing strong opposites and complete disconnection with the soul.

It’s no surprise that CCC and the archetype of lack of self-confidence is a common challenge for many people today. One type of client that needs CCC is one with a long-standing situation in which they seem to tolerate and accept, without a deep awareness of how this acceptance may be impacting him or her and those close. This past year, a client came to me to deal with internal family dynamics between a current partner and her daughter– the daughter didn’t tolerate the partner at all. When I found out that the client had been separated from the father of her child, for over five years without healthy resolution, we made completing the divorce the goal of our work. With the help of CCC 30C weekly and supportive coaching, she recently announced final completion of her divorce.

Another type of CCC client is one who is preoccupied with work and pushes themselves too hard. is a professional herbalist and public speaker, and a mother of seven kids!overworked She pushes herself too much, which turns into irritability with her children and husband. CCC calms her down allowing her to focus better on mindful practices and low energy resourceful activities that provide healthy breaks from her exceedingly demanding lifestyle. While she has yet to integrate fully that she is enough, she is healthy and having even more success in her career as a natural healing speaker and health promoter. She exudes health and thanks, CCC for being part of her supplements.

Squeezed in between the 2nd level- lack of boundaries and fourth level- lack of self-love, the archetype of CCC heals an energetic sense of lacking in self-confidence. Still beyond our own understanding as to how a homeopathic preparation of cancer mixed with elemental copper has the ability to heal deeply set character traits, we will continue to explore the healing that Tinus Smits left for future generations. “It is my experience that this way of homeopathic treatment really goes to the roots of mankind’s suffering…that is why I gave it (the) name Inspiring Homeopathy.”

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