I picked up ‘bug” while traveling in Asia.

shutterstock_99146036After months of conventional treatments, he had become extremely sensitive. His frequent bouts of diarrhea plus loss of focus were getting in the way of his design business.  “I was introduced to Dr. Kreisberg as a last measure to a severe over-prescription of antibiotics.”

After working with Dr. Kreisberg, Chad made an immediate recovery.  “The remedies Dr. Kreisberg prescribed were so powerful that I my body not only made an immediate recovery but I actually very clearly remember a state of euphoria within one specific week.” Chad’s oversensitive GI system cleared up and his “constant hang over” withdrew never to be felt again.  “It has been 20 years since I was so rattled by western medicine and I cannot imagine not having Dr. Kreisberg’s wisdom at my side. He has been a very powerful voice in guiding my decisions in how to live and how to confront the issues that life can hand me.” -Chad L.

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