Integrative Homeopathic Medicine

Optimal Healing: Reducing Pain Without Drugs or Surgery

  • Optimal Healing begins with listening carefully to signs, symptoms and feelings, for information as to what the body needs.
  • Optimal Healing uses natures’ cures to stimulate the body’s innate healing capacities. Powerful nutritional supplements, precise homeopathic medicines, and targeted focus practices have lasting impact.
  • Optimal Healing occurs when physician and patient enter a dynamic partnership supporting growth and long term health.
  • Optimal Healing rules out no treatment option, allowing for precise synergies between healing techniques-conventional, holistic, integrative and traditional.

Healing Start With Listening

People with stubbornly painful physical or emotional conditions not be responding to conventional medical care, often require a more personalized approach. Key healing messages are often the least common symptoms.  Listening deeply and carefully is vital for both the patient and the physician. Are you wiling to listen closely to symptoms? Will you  invest time and energy take responsibility?  Are you willing to embrace new strategies using age old healing wisdom? Integrative Homeopathic Medicine supports positive transformation for long term benefit.

Dr. Kreisberg’s Commitment

With Integrative Homeopathic Medicine, Dr Kreisberg’s focus involves supporting your body’s innate ability to heal.  He uses naturally stimulating medicines including Homeopathy, Nutritional supplements and Integral Health Coaching. By listening to your body, your feelings, and the power of nature, Dr. Kreisberg works in dynamic partnership with you,  integrate optimal healing principles. This involves deep listening, personal responsibility and investing wisely in age old healing wisdom for transformation and deep healing. Having treated several thousand patients, Dr. Kreisberg knows how to find a healthier, more resilient way of living by  using nature’s powerful cures.

Dr. Kreisberg is licensed as a:

  • Doctor of Chiropractic, DCICC-IMC-style1
  • Professional Certified Coach, PCC
  • Certified Classical Homeopath, CCH
  • Integral Master Coach™