Resting, Relaxing and Finding Joy

“I came to see Dr. Kreisberg after being sick for two months with little help from other medical professionals. I realized I needed someone who could understand my health from all perspectives and that my illness was related to a weakened immune system due to chronic stress. Working with Joel helped me regain health and not just fixing the symptoms that were plaguing me when I first saw him, but regain total health in my entire being and my psyche. I learned that I had an overactive obligated part of me that didn’t know how to rest, relax, and find joy. Joel helped me connect to my natural rhythms and flow to help my entire system remember how to rest. Not only did my health improve, but my life has changed for the better. No longer am I an anxious ridden workaholic. Now I am able to enjoy my work, and my personal life and feel like I have time and spaciousness for both.” – Victoria T.

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