Spending Too Much Time on the Health Care System

Physician Paul Schattauer, a family physician in a Oak Park Illinois was becoming increasingly frustrated with the pressures of standard medicine. “That system was forcing me to see more patients in less time. I was losing my focus on the health of patients and spending more tidrschattauerme on the health of the system that was delivering mandates on how to practice medicine.”   He came to Dr. Kreisberg needing a new professional identity, and a brand to go with it.

Practicing complementary medicine and creating his own practice was a new challenge.  It required developing a whole new approach as well as new colleagues to work with. But the inspiration that really moved Dr. Schattauer was to make a sustainable medical practice, one that was good for people and the planet.

Dr. Schattauer and Dr. Kreisberg spend considerable time working together to clarify the vision of the new medical practice.  Connecting Dr. Schattauer to his deepest sense of purpose, not only helped shape the new practice identity, it help motivate him to make the necessary changes in practice design.

After working with Dr. Kreisberg directly and in an online learning format, the next steps became clear.  “The connections with Dr. Kreisberg and the other students were much more than academic. The creative spirit between all of us made this study life changing for me.” Dr. Schattauer became ready for his adventure into more meaningful work having a sound foundation as to what was required to make the change.  As well he knew who would be necessary to support him.   “I opened my own medical practice called The Green Medical Practice, which continues to grow and thrive each day.  I now am reconnecting with patients and feeling my vision come to life.”




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