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12 Practices of Optimal Healing: Meditation

We seem to be emotionally reactive around things like anger, shame, jealousy and envy- it’s like they happen to us.  The truth is we choose these reactions, and with practice and insight we can make entirely different choices when circumstances arise. – Junpo Roshi I just sat through a few days of acute illness. Call […]

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12 Practices of Optimal Healing: Forgiveness

“Life is an adventure in forgiveness.” – Norman Cousins  Anyone need forgiveness? I do. Over the course of my life, I’m sure I’ve done things to others that have been hurtful, and I’d like to ask for forgiveness. How about you? How about forgiving others for the wrongs I feel they have done to me. […]

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Coaching Corner: Paying Attention To Your Breath

Breathing seems pretty basic, why bother talking about it?  It is something we do all the time!  Tending to your breath can have a big impact actually.  “Take a few deep breaths.”  I’m sure you’ve heard that before.  In terms of coaching: executive, life or health, at some point, the breath will become the foundation […]

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