Narrative Health Coaching

Dr. Kreisberg offers custom designed coaching programs for healing and wellness. With clear positive goals, and a supportive caring coach physician, health goals can be reached.  Moving beyond conventional medical approaches, health coaching provides lasting impact.

Dr. Kreisberg works with men and women striving for a better work-home life balance or having difficulty with relationships. When life circumstances become stressful to the point of seeking help, focusing on a new strategies for living, with a coach who listens, reflects and supports growth can make a difference.

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How I Provide Exceptional Value?

By taking the big picture and listening carefully, I strive for intimacy and accuracy.  My commitment is to impact and excellence, bringing my complete attention in service of reaching your goals.

My passion is for relieving Butterflies suffering in favor of healthy flourishing.  My way of giving is through providing excellent guidance.  If there is a yearning for something deeper in your life, besides maintaining work commitments, driving to soccer games, or remembering your anniversary, my promise is to help you get in touch with those unfulfilled elements in life and bring them front and center, providing new fuel for greater success and satisfaction.

More about How I Practice

Dr. Kreisberg is the Executive Director of The Teleosis Institute, a non-profit dedicated to deepening the expanding field of Integrative Health and Medicine.  The Teleosis Institute is offering programs in Narrative Health Coaching  Find out more.