“It has been 20 years since I was so rattled by western medicine and I cannot imagine not having Dr. Kreisberg’s wisdom at my side. He has been a very powerful voice in guiding my decisions in how to live and how to confront the issues that life can hand me.” - Chad L.

JOel 4 COptimal Healing With Integrative Homeopathic Medicine


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Creating a Pain Free Life Without Drugs or Surgery

  • Have you been suffering with physical symptoms that are not responding to medical treatment?
  • Do you feel like your physician listens well and understands the depth of your pain you and suffering?
  • Have you learned how to optimize healing, knowing what you can do for yourself?


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Transformational Coaching

Creating Better Choices, Challenging Assumptions

  • Are you as successful at work as you planned?
  • Do you have the right balance between work and home life?
  • Is your relationship passionate and fulfilling?Coaching Group
  • Do you have a desire for more joy in your life?

With transformational coaching, Dr. Kreisberg can foster living in greater alignment with your core values.  Knowing  your purpose brings clarity, impacting your ability to create lasting change. Transformational coaching facilitates positive growth.
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Sustainable Healthcare Consulting

Reducing healthcare’shutterstock_77133733s footprint while broadening its ecological vision.

  • Healthcare systems that conserve natural resources, promote personal wellness, and proceed with precaution are the seeds of a healthy future.
  • To get there requires innovative public policy and compassionate care.
  • Dr. Kreisberg helps communities and organizations take an active role in creating a sustainable future through education,  advocacy and research.

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 Dr. Kreisberg’s commitment to transforming health begins with individuals and extends to organizations and society as a whole. Through his 28 years of experience as an integrative physician, he has learned to recognize the healing potential in everyday actions and exchanges. Using natural systems, focused awareness and fundamental life enerICC-IMC-style1gy, he guides others to wholeness with greater resilience. By listening carefully to the body, to feelings, and to nature, greater joy, passion, and fulfillment are available for everyone. With 20 years of innovative program development in healthcare and several years as an Integral Master Coach™, he continues to positively impact the future.

“Dr. Kreisberg is a great Doctor, Homeopathic Practitioner, and Integral Master Coach™. I have seen a dramatic decrease in chronic symptoms, an increase in my energy and massive progress in my life after only a few coaching sessions! Plus, he’s a great guy. I would highly recommend him.”  - Sunny H.